Saturday, July 3, 2010

Why do people love Soccer??

Why do people love soccer?? FIFA World Cup 2010 is on and people are going mad after the matches. They watch the games in the mid-night but why? Whats so good about this World Cup. I see my father and my brothers sleeping at 9pm so that they can wake up at 12am to see the games. Whats so fascinating about these games. I only see 22 people running after a ball, passing them over to their team mates. No excitement on field but still people sit and watch those passes like I don't know what. What is FIFA fever. I mean I have heard many kinds of fever Malaria, Viral, etc but FIFA fever? I am confused. What happens to a person in FIFA fever. I think I know. He/she never feels like leaving the television till whole 90 mins. Doesn't bother about food or drink. Doesn't bother about others who may be want to watch something else. The only thing they can see is FIFA games. Even I have some knowledge about this World Cup but that is it. I cannot watch people passing the ball from one to another for 90 minutes and at the end not a single goal. Or may be one or two goals. Still if people love to watch that its ok. It is my opinion that I am not that interested in football. I get bored watching football matches.

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